Hope you had a wonderful week! This week was the last full week of Tighter Together, a strength training program/community put together by blogger Madeline Custer. Although the program doesn't officially end until next Wednesday, yesterday was the last full body workout and I made sure to give it all I had. I will put a full review of the program very soon. This was a hypertrophy week, so I focused on pushing the weight in each workout.


Workout: TT Upper Arms 

Run: None. But I did take Blitzen for a good hike in Tubbs Meadow

Dinner: Naan pizza with a tofu/hummus spread and roasted broccoli. Sounds weird, I know, but when the tofu/hummus crisps up in the oven it is very delicious. 42C/13F/19P


Workout: TT Lower Body, Core, and HIIT; weighted jump squats had my legs on fire!

Weighted skater lunges.

Weighted skater lunges.

Run: None.

Dinner: Baked tempeh with tomato sauce over spaghetti squash; 45C/15F/43P


Workout: TT Arms and Back; this may have been the first time I ever worked my arms "to failure". I felt so strong after this workout.

Run: 3 miles. Nothing fancy.


Dinner: Roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts with tofu over spaghetti squash; 28C/14F/28P


Workout: TT Abs; weighted Russian Twists, planks, and jack-knives.

Run: 20 x 35 sec sprints @ 9.0 with w/u and c/d for 3 miles total.


Dinner: Smoky tempeh over zoodles; 46C/17F/31P


Workout: TT Legs & Glutes

Run: 3 miles on the treadmill, which did not feel as difficult as I anticipated it feeling after pushing them hard in my workout.

Dinner: Broccoli flatbread pizza with tofu/hummus spread; 41C/16F/33P


Workout: TT Full Body; I was DRIPPING with sweat after this workout. 


Run: 2 miles on the treadmill, broken up into 5 minutes of running between strength circuits.

Dinner: Soy tempeh sandwiches with sweet potato and hummus; 45C/10F/28P

Today is a rest day and I am so thankful for that. My body is the good kind of exhausted from pushing all week. Dinner tonight will be soy tempeh sandwiches again because they were fantastic last night!

Overall mileage for the week: 11 miles.

Hope you had a wonderful week as well!!