To say that I love high carb days would be an understatement. I have always been a crunchy/salty kinda gal. I would take pretzels or nachos over pastries and ice cream any day of the week. 

I am currently carb cycling, which is just a fancy way of saying that I manipulate my carbohydrate intake, so that I have one "high carb" day where I consume a moderate amount of carbs, and 2-3 "low carb" days where my carb intake is lower.  Carb cycling is not a permanent nutritional plan, but can be used in the short term to break through a plateau in fat loss. 

On high carb days, I like to bump up my fruit and veggie intake (remember, fruits and veggies are carbs too!), but I also like to have meals that make the carb-lover inside of me happy. Tonight, I'm making these Veggie Naan Pizzas.

To call this a recipe would be a bit of a stretch. It's basically just a mixture of whatever vegetables I have on hand piled on top of a piece of naan (this is my favorite brand/flavor) with a healthy scoop of hummus and a sprinkling of feta. So delicious, so quick to whip up, and the flavor combinations are endless.


Tonight's veggie naan pizzas are make with roasted broccoli, garlic hummus, and feta, all piled on roasted garlic naan. I will say, with this much veggies, you'll probably make a bit of a mess. You may need a fork for all of the overflowing toppings...or you could be extra ladylike like me and just keep piling them back onto the pizza. Either way, you will not be hungry after this one.