Happy mother's day to all you mothers (biological, adoptive, foster, step, spiritual, etc) out there! Hug those mamas in your life today!

Tony always does such a good job of getting me beautiful flowers.

Tony always does such a good job of getting me beautiful flowers.

My day started off with Tony bringing me breakfast in bed, which was very much appreciated. The rest of the day has been spent relaxing, doing some food shopping, and snuggling with Owen. Pretty much a perfect day. Oh, and Owen got me these:

He picked them out himself! What a good kid!

He picked them out himself! What a good kid!

This week went really well, as far as hitting my workouts is concerned. I didn't get a 10-miler in which I'm pretty bummed about, but my nutrition and strength have been on point. I have pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch and the same snacks every day because I'm boring and because it helps me stay on point with my macros. The one thing that I always change up is dinner because having the same thing for dinner for more than 2 days in a row bums me out. I'm included my dinners for the week below:


Workout: Tighter Together (TT) Upper body

Run: 3 treadmill miles before work


Dinner: Veggie Naan Pizza 79C/15F/23P


Workout: TT Legs & Core which HAMMERED my legs and involved weighted jump squats and medicine ball burpees!

Run: 3 easy miles with Tony in the afternoon.

Dinner: Roasted broccolini and sweet potato with tofu over rice 45C/13F/25P


Workout: TT Upper body and back workout that included 109 push ups with different variations!

Run: Off

Dinner: Roasted broccoli and butternut squash and tofu over rice (My go-to easy dinner: roasted veg and tofu) 50C/14F/23C


Workout: TT Core - planks to failure and more mountain climbers than I care to admit.

Run: 15 x 40 sec @ 9.0 on the treadmill. I lovelovelove sprints like this.


Dinner: Cheese Naan pizza 65C/18F/25P 


Workout: TT Legs and glutes. I PUSHED the weight here and felt so strong when I was done.

Run: 3 miles off road at an old cranberry bog-turned wildlife walking area called Tubbs Meadow. I love being able to mix it up with some trails sometimes. And, I saw a bunny!


Dinner: Smoky tempeh adapted from this Minimalist Baker recipe over zoodles. 53C/11F/33P


Workout: TT Full Body

Run: 6 early morning miles with Tony

Dinner: Sockeye salmon with sweet potato and asparagus. 37C/6F/24P

Today is a rest day, and I have truly treated it as such. I did some foam rolling and light yoga this morning, and took the pups for a walk, but that's about it. Dinner will be salmon again, but this time with brussel sprouts. 

Overall mileage for the week: 15 miles. 

Hope you had a fantastic week as well!